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141' Eastern Shipbuilding Group 2019 COLUMBIA II


This listing is for new build Hull #2, a custom built yacht similar to the historic American-built S/Y COLUMBIA, a replica of the Gloucester, MA racing/fishing Schooner from 1923. The state-of-the-art COLUMBIA has been meticulously handcrafted by Eastern Shipbuilding Group based in Panama City, Florida. This an opportunity to own a piece of history rebuilt for the modern age with every comfort imaginable.

*The interior arrangement and other modifications can be made for COLUMBIA II to meet the buyer's preferences which may increase or decrease the price.

                                                       THE HISTORY of S/Y COLUMBIA

The original COLUMBIA was a 141’ classic Gloucester Fishing Schooner built at the historic A.D. Story shipyard of Essex, Massachusetts. Essex was the center for North American Fishing Schooner construction. Designed by the innovative William Starling Burgess, the COLUMBIA was bred for speed. In the fall of 1923, the COLUMBIA challenged the Bluenose, Canada’s legendary schooner, in the International Fishermen's Cup Races in Halifax. Nearly winning the title, the COLUMBIA was narrowly defeated by the Bluenose and was one of the few American schooners to provide a challenge to Bluenose.

Design Details


Length Overall:174’2” 

Length On Deck:141’2”

Length @ Waterline:  110’0”

Beam (Molded):  25’6”

Hull Depth Amidships (Molded):19’6"

Hull & Superstructure Construction:Steel, ABS Grade A-36

Main Mast:One (1) 17” x 124’10”, Covey Island Boatworks, Douglas Fir Laminated Lower. Sitka Spruce Laminated Top Mast

Foremast:One (1) 17” x 115’7”, Covey Island Boatworks, Douglas Fir Laminated Lower. Sitka Spruce Laminated Top Mast 

The following description is for COLUMBIA (As Built) and customizable for COLUMBIA II

Layout may be modified to meet buyer's preferences


  • (4) Guest Staterooms with ensuite bathrooms that can accommodate up to (12) guests
  • (7) Full heads
  • (1) Captain's cabin with ensuite facilities accommodating (3) people
  • (12) Crew single berths in one cabin with one head and shower
  • (1) Navigational/Communications Room
  • (1) Lounge and Dining
  • Galley
  • Laundry space
  • Engine Room and Auxiliary Control room
  • Steering Compartment 

 Construction Guidance

  • The vessel's hull, superstructure and underwater gear are designed and constructed in accordance with the Lloyds Registry Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels 

 Hull Characteristics & Superstructure Detail

  • Displacement: 260 LT
  • Deadweight Tonnage:  32.5 LT (ITC)
  • Gross Tonnage: 145 Tons (US)
  • Gross Tonnage:   43 Tons 
  • Vessel Speed Under Sail:Up to 17 knots under
  • Power:13 knots (max)
  • Under Power Cruising Speed: 10+ knots
  • Under Power/Sail Range:4,000nm (6,437km)
  • Hull & Superstructure Construction:Steel, ABS Grade A-36
  • Main Deck Plate:  1/4"
  • Side Shell Plate:   5/16"
  • Bottom Plate:        5/16"
  • Watertight Bulkheads:   1/4"
  • Hull Non­-Watertight Bulkheads:   1/4”
  • Bulwark Plate:   1/4"

 Tank Capacities @ 100% (Approximate)

  • Total Fuel Oil:    6,262 USG
  • Fixed Ballast:    Lead (47 Tons)
  • Potable Water:  2,000 USG
  • Gray Water #1:   188 USG
  • Gray Water #2:   187 USG
  • Clean Oil:            1x 315 USG
  • Dirty Oil:              1x 315 USG
  • Sewage Holding #1:    188 USG
  • Sewage Holding #2:      52 USG 

 Rigging & Sail Details

  • Main Mast:                                        One (1) 17" x 124'­10" Covey Island Boatworks, Douglas Fir Laminated Lower, Sitka Spruce Laminated Top Mast
  • Foremast:                                        One (1) 17" x 115'­7" Covey Island Boatworks, Douglas Fir Laminated Lower, Sitka Spruce Laminated Top Mast
  • Spars:                                              Covey Island Boatworks, Sitka Spruce Laminated
  • Standard Rigging:                           Covey Island Boatworks, Traditional Gaff­ Rigging 6x19 & 6x36 Galvanized Wire Parceled & Served, Lignum Vitea Deadeyes
  • Running Rigging:                            Covey Island Boatworks, Traditional New England Rope's Vintage "Sta­Set" Double Braided Lines
  • Blocks:                                            Covey Island Boatworks, A Dauphinee & Sons
  • Sails:                                               Michelle Stevens Sailloft LTD, Oceanus Ship's Cloth (10,400 sq.ft.) 

 Machinery & Delivery System Details

  • Main Engine:               One (1) Caterpillar C­18 587 HP @ 1,800 RPM, Tier 1
  • Main Reduction Gear: One (1) Hundested CPG32 CP Reduction Gear, 3.07:1 Reduction
  • Tail Shaft:                    One (1) Hundested CP 120mm Tail Shaft
  • Propeller:                    One (1) Hundested CP (4) Blade Full Feathering Propeller 1200mm Dia. Material Ni­Al­Bz
  • Tail Shaft Bearings:     Stern Tube Bearings
  • Tail Shaft Gland:          One (1) Simplan Dripless Seal
    Bow Tunnel Thruster:  One (1) Key Power KP­16, 70HP @ 1,500 RPM Electro­Hydraulic PTO Driven off of Main Engine
  • Main Rudder:               One (1) Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Foil Type
  • Rudder Bearings:         Thordon SXL Bearings
  • Steering System:          One (1) Pine Hill Equipment Electra­Hydraulic Steering System w/ 2x10HP HPU’s
  • Steering Rams:             Two (2) Pine Hill Equipment Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Steering Controls:         One (1) Electro/Hydraulic w/Manual Backup
  • Propulsion Control:       Rexroth Marex OS II Electronic
  • Bow Thruster Control:   One (1) Key Power Electronic
  • Generator Engines:      Two (2) TAW Power Systems – John Deere/Kohler 65kw Gensets@ 1,800 RPM
  • Generator Rating:        Two (2) 65kW each Continuous Rating 120/208 VAC 3 Phase, 60Hz @ 1,800 RPM Marine Generators
  • Electrical Installation:   Eastern Shipbuilding Group
  • Main Switchboard:      One (1) TAW Power Systems ­ Parallel Operation Switchboard, 208VAC, 65kW 60Hz, 3 Phase
  • Distribution Panels:    Ward Electronic­ 208/120VAC 60Hz, 3 Phase Primary Distribution Panels
  • Engine Cooling:          Heat Exchanged, Raw­-water Cooled
  • Fire Pump:                 One (1) MP Pump, Inc. 5 HP #36085
  • Freshwater Pump:     Two (2) Mach 5, #3380SWTH
  • Hot Water Heaters:    Ten (10) On-­demand Electric Hot Water Heaters Hubbell, MTX018­3R
  • Bilge Pumps:             One (1) MP Pump, Inc. 5 HP #36085
  • Transfer Fuel Pump:  One (1) Oberdorfer, 1.5 HP T63261 and (1) Jabsco VR050­1122 24v Fuel transfer pump
  • Fuel Filter/Separators: Three (3) Racor Duplex Filter – Diesel Engines
  • Fueling Stations:          One (1) Vessel Fueling
  • Station Sewage Treatment:  One (1) Dometic Sanitation 24V 42 Gallon Holding Tank
  • Toilets:                        Seven (7) Dometic Sanitation – Touchpad Control
  • Watermakers:             2x Cathelco seafresh H208 water makers, 37 G/Per HR 

Deck Fittings & Equipment Details

  • Bow Capstan/ Anchor Winch:              One (1) Electro/Hydraulic ­ Ridderinkhof #R­AMW­H 20.5
  • Sail Winches:                                       Ten (10) Hydraulic (4­Fwd, 4 Mid­ship, 2­Aft) –Harken #74
  • Sail Winch:                                           One (1) Hydraulic (Mid­ship) –Harken #68
  • Sail Winch:                                           One (1) Hydraulic (Aft) –Harken #980
  • Sail Winches:                                       Eight (8) Manual ­Harken
  • Manholes:                                            Pacific Coast Marine
  • Watertight Doors:                                 Pacific Coast Marine with Custom Teak cladding by ESG in Main Salon and Companionway.
  • Portlights:                                             Pacific Coast Marine
  • Deck Hatches:                                     Pacific Coast Marine
  • Deck Prisms:                                       Marine Skylights
  • Supply Ventilation:                              One (1) Delta­T Fan
  • Exhaust Ventilation:                            One (1) Delta­T Fan
  • HVAC & Ductwork:                             Two (2) Dometic Cruisair 10T Units Total 20T
  • Rowing Dory:                                     One (1) 13’
  • Sailing Dory:                                      One (1) 13’ with Gaff Rigged with Headsail and Centerboard  

Navigation & Communication Details

Electronics may be modified to meet buyer's preferences 

  • Radar #1:                                         B&G Broadband 36 nm, 4G Radar, 24” Radome
  • Radar #2:                                         B&G Broadband 36 nm, 4G Radar, 24” Radome
  • AIS System:                                     Simrad NAIS­400, Class­B AIS w/GPS Antenna
  • Chart Plotter:                                   Four (4) B&G ZEUS 12” Color Displays w/Sail Software
  • GPS Antennas:                               Three (3) B&G ZG50
  • Navigation Displays:                       Three (3) B&G 20/20HV Displays
  • Graphical Function Display:            B&G Hercules Base Back­ GFD H3000/CPU HYDRA
  • Echo Sounder:                                Simrad GFD H3000Interface, Flanged Transducer
  • Speed Log:                                     Simrad, GFD H3000 Interface, Flanged Speed Sensor
  • Speed Display:                               Wind Speed Display B&G H3000 and AWA 360 is apparent wind display w/SimNet Interface
  • Autopilot:                                        Simrad AP20, w/WR20 Simnet Wireless Remote
  • GPS Compass:                              Simrad HS70 w/SimNet Wireless Interface
  • Course Computer:                         Simrad AC12, w/SimNet Wireless Interface
  • Rudder Feedback:                         Simrad RF300
  • Wind Sensor:                                 B&G Vertical Masthead Pack­1050mm
  • VHF Radios:                                  Two (2) ICOM IC ­M604 Radio/Hailer, 25W 12VDC with Command Mic at Helm and NEWMAR Hailer horn aloft.
  • VHF Handheld:                              Two (2) ICOM IC­M36 Floating
  • Security Camera System:             Two (2) Orlaco Compact Color HR Cameras with LED Lights
  • Underwater Lighting:                     LUMISHORE Color Change Lighting
  • Navigation Lights:                         COLREGS/USCG Approved LOPO 3nm LED
  • Ships Bell:                                     One (1)
  • Ships Clock:                                  One (1)
  • Ships Barometer:                          One (1) 

 Lifesaving Equipment Details

  • EPIRB:          One (1) ACR Global Fix Pro 406Mhz unit w/hydrostatic release.
  • SART:            One (1) ACR Pathfinder 3, 9.2­9.5GHZ. Transponders
  • Life Rafts:      Two (2) Zodiac Survivtec 16 man. USCG/SOLAS approved.
  • Life Jackets:   Thirty (30) USCG Approved Adult Life Jackets
  • Ring Buoys:    Two (2) 30” Ring Buoys w/Lights & Lines
  • Fire Stations:   Two (2) Main Deck
  • First Aid Kit:     One (1)
  • Flares:             Ten (10) Rocket Parachute Flares 

 Alarms & Firefighting System Details

  • Engine Alarm System:         Local Monitoring, by Caterpillar & TAW Power Systems
  • Fire/Smoke Detection:         Fireboy­-Xintex Elite RSM w/smoke and heat detection.
  • General Alarm System:       (1) ESG Custom panel w/Main Engine, Generator, and Bilge level monitoring.
  • Fire Extinguishers:               Navigation Room ­(1) CO2, Galley (1) Dry Chemical and Fire Blanket, Engine Room (1) FE­ 242 Fixed Fire Fighting System w/manual deployment (2) Halotron, Accommodations (2) Foam (1) CO2. 
  • Fire Axe:                              One (1)    

Joiner & Accommodation Details

Galley equipment may be modified to meet buyer's preferences 

Joiner Fabrication:              Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc.

  • Overhead Sheathing:          Traditional V­-Bead Wood ­- Painted
  • Bulkhead Sheathing:          Traditional V-­Bead Wood - ­ Painted
  • Exterior Deck Covering:     Teak Deck Systems – Teak Wood – 4” wide planking w/TDS black caulking.
  • Interior Deck Covering:      Teak Deck Systems ­- Teak Wood w/Holly Strips
  • Furnishings:                       Custom Cabinetry. Hand Crafted Woodwork including Cedar Lined Wardrobes, Tiger Maple Inlays on tables, counters and desktops. Leather Settee and Marble flooring in all heads.
  • Thermal Insulation:           4” Rock Wool
  • Noise/Sound Insulation:    Soundown
  • Exhaust Insulation:            2” Insulated Blankets
  • Refrigerator:                      Kitchen Aid, 28 Cubic Foot – Stainless Steel #KSC24C8EYP02
  • Freezer:                            Cospolich Refrigerator, Co. Built-­in Unit
  • Range:                              Meile, Electric Four Burner
  • Range Microwave Hood:  Meile
  • Ice Maker:                        Meile
  • Trash Compactor:            Eletrolux
  • Dishwasher:                    Meile
  • Washer/Dryer:                 Two (2) Meile, 24” All­-in­-one, Combo­-units
  • Galley/Mess Countertops:      Stainless Steel
  • Mess Area Tabletop:              Tiger Maple & Mahogany Wood
  • Main Saloon Tabletop:           Tiger Maple & Mahogany Wood – Retractable
  • Wet Bar:                                Tiger Maple & Mahogany Wood w/Sink One (1) Refrigerator One (1) Icemaker One (1) Wine Cooler
  • Main Saloon Fire Place:       One (1) Electric Dimplex #DWF36PG
  • Galley Sink:                          Single, Stainless Steel Sink 

 IT & Entertainment Details

 IT & Entertainment equipment may be modified to meet buyer's preferences 

  • VSAT and Internet Connectivity:    KVH V3 w/M5 Dome, Mini­VSAT Phone/HDTV/Internet System and Internet.
  • 1x PEPLINK Balance 30 integrated fire wall/router. Wave WIFI amplified WIFI antennae.
  • 1x PEPWAVE Cellular modem with 4g connectivity and dual card slot.
  • 1x UBIQUT UNIFI PRO access points throughout the vessel for onboard WIFI
  • Marine TV Antenna:                     Shakespeare SeaWatch Marine Antenna, 14” Diameter
  • Television:                                    One (1) Samsung 46” Smart HD TV
  • Television/DVD Players:              Six (6) RCA 22” HDTV/DVD Combo-­units
  • Entertainment System
  • Salon:                                         Direct TV, Blue Ray Disc Player, RTI panel iPad Controller for APPLE TV and PLEX application controlled onboard movie/TV library of over 500 movies and TV shows on a 24TB Synology hard drive.
  • Guest Cabins:­                           Direct TV and integral DVD player on Television. Touch Panel Controlled “Party Mode” to listen to any source from salon in cabins. 
  • On Deck­:                                  RTI panel iPad controlled system with access to Direct TV Music, Tuner, and Apple Air Play from any Apple Device w/ Bose Speakers Fore and Aft. 

 Paint System

  • All Plate & Shapes:                 Wheelabrated with Carboline 8703: Pre­construction
  • Primer Exterior Coating below WL:     ALEXSEAL­ - Primer 161
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Fairing Compound 202
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Super Build 302
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Finish 442 Exterior Coating above WL
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Primer 161
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Fairing Compound 202
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Super Build 302
  • ALEXSEAL­ - Finish 442
  • Potable Water Tank Coating: ­ International Paint­ Interline 925
  • Void Tank Coating: ­ International Paint­ Intershield 300V
  • Interior Superstructure:  International Paint­ Intershield 300V International Paint­ Interthane 990
  • Machinery & Storage Spaces:  International Paint­ Intershield 300V
  • Fuel, Lube Oil & Dirty Oil Tank Coating:     None 

 Cathodic Protection

  • Marine Growth Protection System:           Cathelco MGPS seawater pipework marine growth protection and cathodic protection system. 

PACUYS - AYS would love to guide you through a personal showing of this 141' Eastern Shipbuilding Group 2019. This yacht for sale is located in Panama City, Florida and priced at $18,900,000. For a showing please contact us by filling out the form on this page and we will get back to you shortly!





Shipbuilding Group

Cruise Speed:


Max Speed:


Range NMI:



25' 6"

Engine Details:

Caterpillar C-18

Engine 1:

Engine 2:

Engine Fuel:

Inboard Diesel

Fuel Capacity:

6262 GAL

Water Capacity:

2050 GAL


This listing is presented to you courtesy of a member of the International Yacht Brokers Association and may be centrally listed with another broker. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a particular vessel.

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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